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Created for consumers to feel confident in making ethical and sustainable fashion choices, creating a safe space to learn, discover, and educate each other.

Any Start is a Good Start


QUT Interactive & Visual Design Honours Project



This project was created from start to finish by Elisabeth. All written elements of the book were sourced directly along with Elisabeth being in charge of the entire creation and graphic design of the book.


A year long project that began with a small idea and progressed far beyond my initial vision! Any Start is a Good Start is a coffee table book aimed at increasing awareness of ethical and sustainable shopping. Introducing powerful messages of ethical fashion in a friendly manner, and an opportunity to provide consumers with the tools and resources to create change with the core idea that any start is a good start. 


This project was initially created due to my personal experience and the attempt to shop more ethically and sustainably. I previously felt extremely overwhelmed and uncomfortable with not knowing how to shop more ethically and sustainably. This came down to not knowing where to start, or what impact I was making. Therefore, visual communication was used to educate others and bring them along with me on my individual journey on discovering and becoming more ethical and sustainable with my fashion choices. Giving consumers the confidence to know that their small actions do contribute to change. This design project allowed me to learn along with educating others on this important issue we face in the fashion industry.

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Creating a movement that is displayed in the same friendly tone as the book along with using typography and colour to portray this. This design style allows for users to think about their own fashion choices and what they can do to create better choices - without guilt. 

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The values of the Instagram page for Any Start is a Good Start was to create a movement for consumers and allow anyone to get involved.

On a side note - this Instagram is live! You can check

it out at @anystartisagoodstart.

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I get it, reading an ebook isn't as fun as flicking through 200 GSM paper. But you should give it a crack anyway!